Our specialisations

Visitor experience and quality

For more than 28 years, Culturespaces has been designing visitor-based cultural projects and has successfully built its reputation on the visitors’ experience.

Works and facilities

Culturespaces contributes to the restoration of monuments in close collaboration with the conservation departments of museums and historic monuments, and under the supervision of official institutions (DRAC, UNESCO, etc.).


With a specialised team, Culturespaces manages the entire process of organising the exhibitions in close collaboration with exhibition curators, lenders, curators, scenographers, graphic designers, and sometimes the artists themselves.

Communication and marketing

The Communication and Marketing Department analyses the characteristics of each audience group in order to define a communication policy that is adapted to each venue.

Major events

For 10 years, Culturespaces has organised the largest historical re-enactments in France in the Nîmes Amphitheatre. The ‘Great Romans Games welcome around 1,000 volunteer re-enactors and attracts around 30,000 visitors every year.


Culturespaces hosts private receptions and business events in its network of venues, which are consistent with each venue’s characteristics: conferences, meetings, general meetings, and prestigious soirées.

Cultural gift shop

The Shop division develop products lines and manages acquisitions. It conceives and designs publications and product lines, and is responsible for the daily management of more than 1,500 products on average in each of the 9 gift shops.


The Catering Department develops and runs all the restaurants and teahouses at the venues. Sharing a meal or a good quality light snack in an exceptional setting also makes for a successful visit.


Culturespaces uses its own gardeners to create, restore, develop, and maintain a wide variety of gardens. Over the years, Culturespaces has adopted rational and environment-friendly methods.


Culturespaces does everything possible to ensure the safety of visitors, venues and collections: security personnel, video surveillance, anti-intrusion devices, fire safety systems, security committee.