Bunker de Lumières, South Korea

Bunker de Lumières, South Korea

Culturespaces in partnership with TMONET opens a new art center on South Korea

In 2018, Culturespaces in partnership with TMONET, a Korean company specializing in new technologies for the general public, opens a new digital art center in South Korea: the Bunker de Lumières.


A digital art centre that is similar to that of the Atelier des Lumières, the Bunker de Lumières proposes a digital creation around Gustav Klimt realized by Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi. Thanks to the AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience) system, which involves the projection of works of art onto large surfaces, the Bunker de Lumières presents an immersive exhibition devoted to the main figures in the Viennese art scene, of which Gustav Klimt was a key figure.


Gianfranco Iannuzzi and the artistic team offer a new visual and sound experience. The visitor walks in larger and larger rooms to arrive in a main room which, thanks to the installation of mirrors, presents a set of reverberations and perspectives. A new device is dedicated to present the paintings in their entirety with comments on the works.


This new AMIEX® site, in which works of art are projected onto enormous surfaces (2 500m² of projection surface), is in Jeju, an island that is a much sought-after destination for Asian visitors, located in the Pacific Ocean, which is a one-hour flight from Peking, Shanghai, Seoul, and Osaka.
This first partnership is part of an initiative to develop AMIEX® centers abroad.


This new digital art center will present immersive exhibitions devoted to the great figures in the history of art.


Conception/direction artistique : Gianfranco Iannuzzi 

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90 laser video projectors

64 speakers

1 550 m² of surface

2 810  of projection surface 

570 000 visitors expected

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