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Immersive Art Festival Paris

From 18 to 24 October 2019 from 7pm to 11pm
Atelier des Lumières
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The Atelier des Lumières, a digital art centre in Paris, is presenting the IMMERSIVE ART FESTIVAL, a festival devoted to immersive digital design.

During the Toussaint (All Saints’ Day) holidays, from 18 au 24 October, the Atelier des Lumières will present works by some of the most influential artistic collectives in the world of the digital arts. These works, which have been specifically adapted to and designed for the Atelier des Lumières, will be presented for six evenings, as of 7 p.m. Each competing work will be appraised by a professional jury and the visitors.

These evenings will be held in conjunction with the immersive digital exhibition ‘Van Gogh: Starry Night’, which will be presented during the day. A special prize-giving evening will be held on Thursday 24 October in the presence of the artists, the jury, and the Festival’s partners.

The concept

The 11 artistic collectives will use techniques that combine video, photography, motion design, and sound spatialisation. The works must not only use all the Atelier’s technological power (140 video projectors, 50 speakers, 3,000 m2 of projection surface, etc.), but also present a completely immersive and original artistic concept.

For the first time, the Atelier des Lumières is holding a competition between digital design professionals by involving digital art enthusiasts and visitors (who can vote there and then on a dedicated mobile application), and a professional jury.  This first festival will provide an opportunity to present digital design as a form of artistic expression in its own right.

Digital design involves ‘digital sculpting’, a process of using computer-generated images to design living spaces and create interaction with the public. The projected images, combined with sound design, make it possible to create unique immersive worlds.

The immersive art festival

> 6 evenings from 18 to 23 October
> The works will be projected continuously, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
> A 4-minute-long immersive show per artistic collective on a theme of their choice
> A 50-minute screening period
> 1 prize-giving evening on 24 October

The 11 artistic collectives

> Spectrelab (France)
> Paul Mignot (France)
> Les Vandales (France)
> Hki (France)
> Superbien (France)
> Cokau Lab (France)
> Ouchhh (Turkey)
> Nohlab (Turkey)
> Void (Turkey)
> Create (Belgium)
> Algorithm (Ireland)
> Special Guest 2019 (out-of-competition): Cutback 

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Critères de notation 

> Storytelling artistique
> Qualité graphiques (images, animations)
> Qualité du sound design


Visitors’ votes will represent 50% of the mark awarded for the ‘Immersive Art Festival’ First Prize. Each visitor is invited to download a dedicated application (Apple Store or Android) free of charge.

Professionnal Jury (50% of the mark) :

> Fabrice Bousteau - Jury President - Managing editor - Beaux-Arts Magazine

> Elsa Wardé - Director, "Le Cube Digital Creation Center (Issy-les-Moulineaux)"
> Nathalie Berriat - Director Gobelins Ecole de l'Image
> Filippo Spezia - Director Digital Design Days (Milan-Genève)
> Kook Ewo - Director Motion Plus Design (Paris-Tokyo-Los Angeles)

> Julia Fabry - Artistic director (Agnès Varda) and exhibition curator
> Gaëtan Roussel - Musical artist
> Armand Amar - Compositor 
> Mourad Merzouki - Director Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil

> Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles - Executive director, Crédit du Nord group, member of the National Council of Digital
> Bruno Monnier - President of Culturespaces and creator of the Atelier des Lumières 
> Juliette Bibasse - Digital exhibition curator


- "Immersive Art Festival Prize": awarded by both the jury and the visitors, the prizewinning original work will be exhibited in the Atelier des Lumières for six months. The artists will also be able to present a new project in another Culturespaces digital art center.
- Prize for the "Best Graphic Design" - by the professionnal jury
- Prize for the "Best Sound Design" - by the professionnal jury
- "Jury Prize"

Thursday 24th October:Special closing evening prize giving ceremony In the presence of the artists, the jury, and the festival’s partners with an electro DJ selected by CERCLE Artistic Direction.

In Le Studio: A Gobelins and Orelsan project  

During the festival, the GOBELINS, the School of the Image, Cutback Live (which specialises in visual scenography), and the Atelier des Lumières will present a student project—specifically created for Le Studio in the Atelier des Lumières—, which will use immersive motion design to illustrate a selection of twelve songs by the artiste Orelsan. Twenty-four students from the 2018–2019 Graphic Motion Design class (combined with work experience) at the GOBELINS have worked on this project in order to present twelve oneminute-long works.

Practical information

Atelier des Lumières
38 rue Saint Maur
75 011 Paris

Dates: from Friday 18 to Wednesday 23 October from 7pm to 11pm. Thursday 24th October:Special closing evening prize giving ceremony. 

Single rate: €24
Single rate VIP Silver (VIP SILVER collector badge + access to the VIP mezzanine + 2 drinks): €39
Single rate special closing evening prize giving ceremony (24 October): €65
Online purchase only:

The immersive exhibitions "Van Gogh, Starry Night", "Dreamed Japan, Images of the Floating World" and "Verse" are maintened during the day.

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11 projects in competition

11 projects in competition

The Festival

The Festival

Gobelins and Orelsan project

Gobelins and Orelsan project

Download the press pack

Claudine Colin Communication
Lola Véniel
Tel.: +33 1 56 59 92 57

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